Sunday, June 24, 2012

Side Table Revamp

Yet another thing Roger's parents gave us - a set of side tables. They had them as a young couple and Roger can remember polishing them with furniture polish till they gleamed.

one of the two tables.
I like the look, but as they are....they just don't go with the style we are (I am) going for. I thought they will do for now and somewhere down the line we could look for something else. That was before I went to Hobby Lobby.....what a STORE! Good thing they don't have them here in Hawaii or I'd be a goner. 

ANYway, while I was browsing the fabric department I came across this:

Embossed brown pleather!
and it hit me! I could cover the tops with this stuff. Easy to clean, eclectic style...I bought a yard and a half.

Once at home I grabbed an X-acto knife, a pair of scissors, a rubber mallet, my heavy duty stapler and got to work

Because there is no way to get the fabric round the legs seamlessly I had to take the tables apart. A couple of whacks with the rubber mallet took care of that. 

I then cut the material and started stapling the fabric to the table tops. Let me tell you something - the wood substitute that the mahogany looking formica like surface was attached to WAS AS HARD AS A ROCK! Some staples didn't go in at all, others I had to give a couple of whacks.

Once I had the lower part of the table covered I had to cut holes with the X-acto knife for the pegs of the upper table legs.

Put everything back together, a few more whacks with the rubber mallet and there you have it!

Just like new! well almost....but look great and really go with the feel of the room. 

Next time I'll look for baskets to slide underneath for  some storage.

Aloha a Hui Hou!

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