Monday, June 11, 2012

No, no, no, no, no

I did want to mention that not everything was sunshine and lollipops.

So, the time was coming for our HGTV moment. As we are driving along I notice that I received an email from the painter with a picture of the cabinets. The Queen was not happy.

I know we talked about it before, having the cabinets look "worn" and I figured out that I didn't want that. It looked fake and messy. I wanted it to look like this:

Not like this:

My excitement of seeing the house, that had been building up for weeks was shattered. I dreaded going in and it put a damper on everything that they did so well.

The rest of the cabs were even darker and one of them had this on it

Is that creepy or what? Roger said it looks like the "Shroud of Turin". Not to mention that strange things happened while that face was up on the cabinet...the water pipe popped off the sink, flooding the basement, our ice cubes grew stalagmites.....just plain strange.

Lucky for us this was a decent painting company and they came in and repainted the kitchen

Love how it turned out!

Aloha a Hui Hou!


  1. YIKES! Weird stuff - love your inspiration photo and your kitchen looks awesome!!

  2. Very much YIKES Anne! I'm glad it's gone!! :o)

  3. The kitchen, indeed, looks amazing. I love the light fixtures you chose.


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