Friday, April 27, 2012


I have been on pins and needles AAAAAALLLLLL day. Lisa told me they were working on the cabs today and that I would be getting a bunch of pictures....later.....A BUNCH....later.

So there's me, walking from one side of the room, then walking back to the computer and checking if I got mail. Nothing. I walk away again and walk back...nothing...this repeated itself all afternoon long. I wonder how many miles that was?

Then a batch of emails from Lisa show up. I'm a bit nervous, afraid to open and then WOW! What I have been seeing with my minds eye for months is standing in our kitchen!!!

The first lower cab on the right was a drawer and a cab door that covered the laundry chute.
We've had it modified to two drawers and a tilt out door for the laundry chute.
This is the bare wood. The painter is coming tomorrow...they will be painted in a sage green with maple trim. 
The empty space is where the Fridge will go. Incase you don't remember, the small cabs used to be open shelves.
Lots, and lots of storage The uppers used to be open shelving.
The table is still missing the skirt. The carpenter is waiting till we're there and we have the chairs we want so he can see how much clearance we need. The other open space is where the dishwasher will go.
The first cab and the cabs over the stove are all new.  Before that space was filled with an open shelf.

He removed the  scalloped edge and replaced it with a maple stained arch that mimics the lines of the upper cabs.

Tomorrow they'll be working some more. I'll continue to drool over these pics and hope I'll be able to sleep and get thru the day tomorrow.

Aloha a Hui Hou!

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