Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Trust Issues...

Oh man....It is hard to trust any one to do any kind of repair....

About 6-7 years ago I bought Roger an automatic dive watch.

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In Feb he came home and the faceplate was spinning.

My original profession is a jeweler, so I know a bit about watches and repairs. I know the face plate has small pins that secures it in place and that the pins - due to what ever reason, seem to have broken off.

Took the watch to our local jeweler and they said they would have the watch maker take a look and get back to me. Two weeks later they call me back. They said the would secure the face plate and pressure test it - would cost $125. I looked and a new watch like this one would cost $230. It was worth it to me to have it repaired.

So fast forward a couple of weeks and we pick up the watch. Right away Roger says the rotor is loose. They said the guy glued the faceplate (I thought that was odd) and there is no guarantee on the rotor. We don't think too much about it and he enjoys his watch, till Friday. The watch stopped, seems like the rotor fell off. I called the shop and they said no problem, drop it off.

Today, while we were out, they called and left a message saying he looked at it, and that the watch needs to be overhauled - it will cost $95 to do that..,..I'm at 280.

What the heck was he looking at when he looked at the watch last time? If the watch needed to be overhauled when he looked at it the first time, he should have seen it. Had they told me the cost of the repair and the overhaul right away, over $200, I would not have had it done.

I call back and ask what the heck? Why didn't he tell us that when he looked at it in February? They started with some lame excuse and I told her that I worked at a jewelry store for 15years and I know that the watchmaker should have disclosed EVERYTHING when he did the first estimate.....told her that I am very, very, very, VERY upset. The boss is supposed to get back to me on Monday.

How can I know and trust someone to work on my car (suddenly always smelling like burning oil since the last oil change), work on my watch, work on what ever when you get these coincidental additional issues shortly after they had my stuff in their hands. Screw me once, shame on you. Screw me twice, shame on me.....Serious trust issues here...


Aloha a Hui Hou!

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  1. OK, the shop owner. That was supposed to call me on Monday, called yesterday.

    He told me that when we originally brought it in for repair the the estimate was made for fixing the faceplate only. He didn't look at the rest of the watch because he was not told to look at the rest of the watch. (Insert any number of questioning swearwords here...) What kind of workmanship is that???

    He went on to say that the watchmaker opened the watch from the front and glued the old faceplate in place. I told him I found that very odd. He said that's the way it's done (not really). I asked why the faceplate wasn't replaced. Because that costs $150, just for the faceplate. I told him had I known he was going to glue it, that would have made me make a different choice and in the end, I wasn't offered the option of getting a different faceplate to make my own choice either way.

    He went on to give me some BS that this time the watchmaker didn't open the watch. He just "gave it a shake" and knew it needed to be overhauled (???). (hey dude, My cow just died and I don't need your bull ).

    He also says that the watch has been working since we dropped it off and it's keeping time. I could pick it up or have it repaired.They would be willing to bring the price down to $50.

    Thinking about it....my thought is that one of the pieces of the pins that broke off the faceplate might be wandering in the mechanism and causing a problem.

    Roger has decided to have it fixed....I will no longer frequent or recommend the store.


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