Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Builder in Me

A while back I posted about the Kreg jig and wanting to build some things for the house.

Well I've had this beauty pinned to my pinterest page for quite some time.

Photo and plan can be found here

The pin keeps disappearing, but luckily it's popular and can easily be found via a quick google search.

Looks like a good way to get the washers up, off the floor without spending all the money for pedestals.

Building project #1 on my list.

Aloha a Hui Hou!


  1. Hey Heidi! I bought the Kreg Jig Jr but can't use it cause none of my clamps hold it firmly enough in place. What are you using to hold it??? HELP!

    1. Aloha Anne!

      Well I haven't ordered I'm not much help....yet. What kind of clamps do you have?

      I have the regular kind that you twist tight and I have some pump action clamps

      If you're having problems, we might have to go for kreg clamps

  2. I have the same clamps as you do, we need clamps with a round end to fit snugly into the fitting of the jig. I've found Kreg clamps on Amazon. You can probably find a cheaper source than that even - the US has way more outlets that sell Kreg.

    Let me know what you find - cheers!


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