Thursday, October 25, 2012

New to the Family

Browsing Craigslist I came across this beauty

All real wood and a sweet deal at just 20 bucks. Texted the lady, paypal'd the 20 and my friend picked it up. It's now a part of the front room furniture family! Yay!

Now, my painting friends - What to do? As you know, I am going for the beach cottage feel (should make us feel great in the winter months - lol) 

The hutch will stand where the trunk is now.

and I know I want to leave the top and the bottom edge as is. 

I want to paint the middle. The hutch that I bought off Craigslist last year is white and hope that some day the carpenter will put a wood top between the upper and lower parts (or I'll save the money and someday give it a shot myself)

More about the hutch here

I guess I should match it to the color of the hutch, since they are in the same room. But think I would go for the chalk paint version, maybe a bit of stressing to bring out the weave pattern in the door.. What do you think?

Also, is this something that I should save for a Summer project? or could I do this, lets say in December or January  (I'll be painting in our unheated shop or our cool slightly heated basement)?

Oh and btw, sorry for the absence, my daughter is here for an extended visit and we are always on the go.

Looking forward to your suggestions!

Aloha a Hui Hou!

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  1. I say paint in your living room. Or dining room. That's what I do - you know this!!! lol

    Thanks for linking up to Its a Party.

    Have a happy weekend xox

  2. I'm afraid I'll make a mess, lol. What do you think of my idea HOW to paint it?

  3. Hi Heidi! I ditto the previous poster and say definitely DIY the wood top between the upper and lower parts of your hutch. Also, don't be afraid to paint your new Craigslist find a different color from the hutch. It adds interest and keeps everything from being matchy-matchy. Chalk paint (either name brand or diy) is awesome and I've painted pieces where they sat without making too much of a mess. As long as you're not on carpet, any little stray drops of paint will wipe up easily if you get to it right away. And some glazing to bring out that woven pattern would be lovely. I say go for it now, don't wait! Might as well enjoy it now that you have it!

    1. Aloha and Mahalo for your input Debbie! digging the not matchie matchie sad that it will have to wait till our next trip home....hopefully some time soon!

  4. Hi Heidi! thanks for your comments on my posts - where've you been??

    Have a great week xox

  5. Hi Heidi!! I'm so in the mood to decorate :) Have a great weekend!


  6. Thanks sweetie! I'll help you for sure!!


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