Wednesday, October 3, 2012

How sneaky!

I don't get many responses to my blog posts and it's kinda exciting when I get an alert letting me know that someone has something to say.

This morning was no different.

Anonymous wrote "Thanks for sharing.." on one of my DIY posts.

And I thought, someone didn't have an account and didn't want to post their name....and that's ok.

As I was clicking to publish a little blue line under the period caught my eye and my next thought was uh-oh.

I quickly went to my blog and discovered that Mr. or Ms Anonymous put a link to a web site in their comment. Sneaky......

I copied the link and googled it. Mostly I found other blogs where this person posted flattering posts like nice blog, thanks for sharing anonymously....with the same hidden link in the site.

I wasn't brave dumb enough to get suckered into clicking the link and maybe getting hacked or worse.

Just thought I'd share, so you don't get suckered in.

Aloha A Hui Hou!


  1. I've stopped allowing anonymous comments - I was getting so much spam email and nasty ones too! Good for you figuring that out!

  2. Oh no! You don't deserve nasty ones! Why do people waste their time with that?? And then be so chicken to hid behind anonymous? Bullies and chicken...Chicken Bullies? What do you think?

    I must say though that it was the first and hopefully last. Glad that I have it set that I have to approve first.

  3. i get those too! i dont click on something i have my doubts on and comment anonymously... time wasters!


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