Friday, September 28, 2012

Things I did not know about granite

I was so excited that we opted for granite countertops

I was so happy on this day! Amazed how everything was coming together.
and I wanted to be sure I knew what to do and how to care for it.

I was told that all I had to do was seal it once a year.

...and I thought great, low maintenance (yes!!!) and was good with that.

So imagine my surprise this Sunday when I came upon an article about the care of granite counter tops.

What I did NOT know was that I can't use all purpose, ammonia or bleach cleaners. 

The article says that cleaning products that contain vinegar, lemon or other acidic ingredients can dull the surface, reducing the stones luster and eating away at the sealer. Ammonia based cleaners should also be avoided as they can cause the stone's surface to wear off over time. 

That means I have to read the labels of my cleaners and make sure they don't contain any of the above (i.e. lemon dish washing liquid).

Also, do not try to scrub off something that has dried on your counter top. That green side of your sponge can also damage the surface of your granite counter top. 

Who would have thought that a something like a green sponge could scratch something as hard as granite....well when you think about it, maybe.....but would I think about it? or would I have just tried to get what ever was there off?

What is your granite care tip or wisdom? 

I'm dying to know!

Aloha A Hui Hou!


  1. we dont have granite countertops but this i know... good old fashioned water and rag will do nicely ;)

  2. They're beautiful but high maintenance!!! lol Thanks for the heads up, when I upgrade my counters I want something low maintenance as well as beautiful... I'll have to research more :)

    ps I don't understand your comment on my sunglasses!! lol

  3. OH! lol polarized with UV tint


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