Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Back in 1979

After I graduated from grade school I went to visit my grandmother in Germany. While I was there I spent some time at my uncles Bed and Breakfast. It was in a small little town called Ludwigswinkel.

Now Ludwigswinkel was far away from everything and was known for the clean and healthy air. There was a clinic, for people with lung ailments right there on the lake.

One of the patients staying there would come to the B&B for cake and coffee with her daughter. We were the same age and got along splendidly.

The day came that she went back home and I went back to the US and we remained pen pals for years.

When my family moved to Germany she came to visit and it was the same. She was a friend for life.

Over the years we visited each other, called and kept writing.

Just before I moved to Hawaii she had a bit of a melt down, divorced her hubby and I lost track of her. Letters came back, parents changed their number. Not a trace.

I remember her last words...Don't leave Germany with out letting me know....but I just couldn't find her.

Every year on her birthday I send out a prayer and a birthday wish, hoping that she was happy and well.

I didn't give up looking...I googled her name didn't find anything. I joined forums from her home town and asked around, if anyone knew her or her family....no responses.

As I was packing up "stuff" on Friday I came across my old address book and I had her parents old address in there and I thought what the heck...google the address.

To my great surprise her family name popped up...with a phone number.  I was a bit nervous....but this was the best luck I had in years.

I gave it a shot and a man picked up the phone..I asked for my friend, told him who I was....and he remembered, he was her brother! He took down my phone # and promised to forward it to my friend.

This morning she gave me a quick call (from her cell=very expensive), updated me that she has become a mother and remarried her ex husband (I really liked him and am soo happy they are back together).....She said that they don't have a computer and don't go online, but she will write me a nice long letter. Like so long ago....

We've been friends for almost 35 years....I'd say she's my oldest friend...and I'm happy to have found her again.

Aloha a Hui Hou


  1. What a lovely story - so glad you found your friend again.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. aawww thats sooo sweet heidi :) a friend is for life indeed :) i had a penpal before when i was 12 from germany and apparently shes now a painter... i sent her some emails after i traced her in facebook... but after a couple of emails from her i got the sense that she doesnt want any more contact so i stopped emailing her. i hope shes happy.

    1. Thank you B :o)

      Your old pen pal has no idea what she's missing out on. <3


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