Friday, June 28, 2013

Lucky Finds

Since we've been here we've been hitting yard sales and estate sales, thrift stores and junk stores….looking for the special something that will fit our needs. Here are some of our finds.

We found license plates! This one is from the year our home was built and we found two more, from our birth years….not going to post those…gal has'ta have some secrets. Anyway, I plan to build something with these, so stay tuned!

At a yard sale I found an antique violin case, all wood. Needs a bit of TLC and to be relined. Anyone one have an idea where I can get self adhesive red velvet/felt by the yard? Also have some plans with this. Its all about repurposing! 

I love this pot, enjoyed many a cups of ice tea…but something is wrong with it. From the dark spots in the glaze it sweats sticky stuff….ick…I'm afraid of lead poisoning….something I learned about in ceramics class…. If the glaze is cracked or the surface is not totally covered, lead can leach out of the ceramic into your food or liqiuds….Maybe I'll use it as a vase for dried flowers??

A lucky find for 2 dollars at a garage sale. It is now in my craft room, used to store odds and ends.

This was something brand new - The cup in the middle is from my set of "good" dishes. Almost all of which made the move without a scratch…almost. I lost 3 soup/cereal bowls. I have been looking for replacements, but so far I haven't been lucky…till I saw these on sale at Ross. They are BIG soup bowls with lids that i can also put in the ovens for individual casseroles, deserts, baked over what nots….unlimited possibilities and the red matches the red in my dishes perfectly! Now I just need to finish refinishing the dining table….

Love the patina on this brass vase we found at our favorite thrift store….I just have to resist the inner urge to polish it!

I love the giant Cognac glass. It is mouth blown and very thin walled. So many things I could use it for…plan to have it out on our new porch.
 know, I said I have enough green glass, but it would have been perfect for lilacs….my bush out front was starting to bloom and I could just see them in there….

I didn't know that it would freeze again and we'd lose all our beautiful lilacs….there's always next year...

Now this was a great find, a 4 GALLON mason jar with lid - it is amazing. We are guessing that in some point in time it was used for pickles, right now it is our change collection jar - will just take us 3409193845904832759023 years to fill it - but boy when it's full, we can get something really special!!

There is more to share, but it will have to wait for another post. So for now Good night and

Aloha A Hui Hou!!


  1. Fabulous finds Heidi!

    Happy Saturday!!!

  2. Wow - great finds - you were really lucky!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. Thanks Ladies! So much more coming! lol


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