Thursday, March 7, 2013

Spreading the Word

Just wanted to give a heads up.

There is a fun camera site called Photojojo. They have all kinds of cool camera and cellular phone camera  doo-dads.

It's amazing...the things people come up with!

The camera will follow your movements....perfect for shooting that how to video!

I know they didn't come up with this...but they offer a bunch of other cool stuff like this.

Now here is the part where I want to give you a heads up. Right now they are offering an iPhone photography class.....for $5

Is that cool or what?

When the class is over you get a $5 gift card for their site....

Cool again, huh?

I am on lesson two and I'm learning and having fun
How to make a double exposure with HD

Composition, Rule of thirds and taking a squirrels eye view pic

Looking forward to the next lesson!

I'm not getting anything to promote this.....just thought I'd share

Aloha a Hui Hou!

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  1. Interesting doo dads! That camera that follows movement is such a great idea for tutorials!


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